Why Halsey?

Originality at Halsey evolves from design and development.  As our customer, you'll receive refined fashionable products exceeding the test of time. 

Halsey was born in a time of old ways. A man’s word was his bond. A product made was an acquisition not something to be soon discarded.  Quality was a measure of a company’s reputation. Comfort and durability went hand in hand. Halsey brings these vintage elements back. 


Modernized trousers for the quintessential professional style. Business as usual, day-in & day-out.    

Classic attire, for the proper gentleman.  


5 Pocket Pants

Dignified, business casual, 5 pocket pants.  A refreshing alternative to a closet full of denim. 

Style with class, for an evening on the town. 



For those who care about how they feel, as much as how they look. 

Comfort and durability go hand in hand.